my name's ali and i'm 17. this blog is all about grey's anatomy and it's cast, because i'm obsessed.

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You fight for your patients against the worst possible odds, but when things get messy personally, you’re gone… off to the woods to drink and grow a beard. And with everything that’s happened and this lawsuit keeping it all alive, maybe she’s just… worried that the slightest little thing is gonna make you run off to that trailer and leave her alone in the house you gave her, not sleeping at night because whichever room she lays down in, she just can’t get away from the fact that you’re just not there.
— Sounds like you had that all teed up and ready to go.
Yeah. Yeah, well, a version of it. It’s meant for somebody else, you know, but, uh, it kind of works here, too.

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favorite flawless casts: grey’s anatomy (part ii)

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